Frequently Asked Asphalt Questions

Industry terms can at times be confusing. Estimates for a product can vary from plant to plant, and there are many factors involved in quoting. Please see some of the most commonly asked questions.

we hope these help you decipher some terms but of course, if you have any additional questions, call us: (718) 698-1100 or email:

What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

Hot mix asphalt is also known as pavement or blacktop. Produced from a mixture of aggregates such as Gravel, Sand, Crushed Stone, and Liquid Asphalt.

What is the difference between Top Coat and Binder?

When we refer to “base coat” we are referring to Binder.  Top coat is a course material usually made of 3/4″ stone and is usually the foundation for pavement.

Binder must be strong enough to withstand a range of different climate conditions and remain functional for several decades if necessary.

The smoother coating on top “Top Coat”, contains 3/8″ stone and is the finish applied over binder which is common for most roadways.

How thick do you lay asphalt?

Asphalt thickness is determined at the time of estimate. The industry uses a standard 1.5” base and 1.5” top coat after compaction for residential projects. Commercial paving for major roadways and thoroughfares have a thicker base layer due to the substantial heavy vehicle traffic.


The inches of asphalt which lays on top of a surface before compaction.

The measurement of asphalt after being rolled with a vibratory roller is called post compaction. That pre-compaction number will always be higher due to the compressing of material to the surface. The dynamic vibration of elements causes the aggregates to re-arrange to form a dense surface without this; proper compaction cannot be obtained.

How do I know how much asphalt I need?


The amount of asphalt you need for a project is determined by many factors. The best way to obtain an accurate estimate is to call one of our experts and talk to them in detail about your project. You can either contact us or call our office for more information: (718) 698-1100